People Centric Workplace Sensors

What are People Centric Sensors and what are the benefits for me and my business?

1. Employee Wellness

Connect our sensor to any sit-stand desk and your mobile phone and control your desk with your phone or monitor your sit stand habits throughout the day.

Standing for 15 minutes per hour will…Moving willSo you can cancel that expensive gym membership and workout@work just by standing up…

2. Analyse occupancy

Table Air Tech

How well do you utilise the space in your office? Now you don’t have to guess or estimate or employ someone to walk around and count how many spare desks you have every hour of the day in every office you own or employ expensive consultants to do it for you.

Most offices are massively under utilised with spare desks and large meeting rooms only ever occupied by a two people. With increasing property rates this is simply a complete waste. Why aren’t you making better use of your space. Chances are you have enough space where you are and don’t need to move to bigger offices. That decision alone could save you a lot of money.

  • Monitor the usage of a pilot installation of sit-stand workstations before you invest in one for everyone only to find they don’t ever get used.
  • 24/7, 365 days always on analysis.
  • Non intrusive.
  • Make your office space actually work FOR your employees.
  • Analyse your new clients offices and propose new ways of working based on factual data prior to their lease renewal. Promote FREE analysis of your prospective clients offices via social media.
  • Remove spare desks and upgrade the coffee machine, create a buzz in your office…

What will you do with all the space you are currently not using?

3. Booking

WIOT bookingAny location or piece of furniture in your office can become a bookable resource when equipped with a sensor.

Book a desk, a meeting room, a workpoint, quite booth, basically any ‘thing’. 

Google ‘the internet of things’ for more info.

Once activated you can really start maximising the potential of your property asset…

  • Design and build a solution that fits your exact use case. Don’t pay for extras you don’t need.
  • We design and manufacture the hardware and software so can also bespoke it to your exact requirements.
  • Eliminate that annoying block booking scenario or no shows with auto release feature.
  • Book your favourite workpoint in your agile working office.
  • Enable ‘find a colleague’ and book the desk next to your boss or not…
  • Turn the free space in your office into a bookable ‘WeWork’ style resource for your clients to book a temporary touchdown space.
  • Get potential clients or specifiers into your empty showroom by allowing online booking of a quiet corner  so they can pick up emails and charge their laptop.
  • Promote your own bookable ‘WeWork’ space online. Great social media content.

You can run but you can not hide….

The potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) is enormous. It is projected that the world will reach 26 billion connected devices by 2020, with incremental revenue potential of $300 billion in services A.T. Kearney @ Silicon Valley


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