Workplace Booking

Are your Workplace work-points or meeting rooms actually booked?

Do you have ‘No shows’ that skew your Occupancy Analysis?

Do work-points or meeting rooms appear to be occupied when viewed on your floor plan, heat map only to be empty in reality?

The ‘beach towelling’ concept of reserving the best work-point or meeting room at 06:30 then not returning for a few hours or simply not showing up at all following a booking is a real issue for organisations trying to monitor Workplace occupancy accurately.

But not with this system…

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The Innovation Lab

Design and build Workplace Internet Of Things.

How ca we help you Make Your Space Work?

What’s measured can be managed.

Don’t get left behind. The internet of things in the Workplace is on it’s way, don’t get left behind…

#NewWaysOfWorking #TheInternetOfThings #IOT #WorkplaceIOT

Smart Button One

Table Air Tech.png

Smart Button 1 (SB1) specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

  • WiFi 2.4 Ghz (b/g/n)

  • Embedded RJ-45 connector

  • Unique Identifier

  • D75,5 H47,1

  • OTA (over the air) firmware update

  • Height sensor

  • Integrated push button

  • 240 LED connector

#NewWaysOf Working #WorkplaceTech

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