Workplace Booking

Are your Workplace work-points or meeting rooms actually booked?

Do you have ‘No shows’ that skew your Occupancy Analysis?

Do work-points or meeting rooms appear to be occupied when viewed on your floor plan, heat map only to be empty in reality?

The ‘beach towelling’ concept of reserving the best work-point or meeting room at 06:30 then not returning for a few hours or simply not showing up at all following a booking is a real issue for organisations trying to monitor Workplace occupancy accurately.

But not with this system…

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As a wise man once said ‘I have a cunning plan…’

So after eleven years working in a JOB and another nine years being self employed the next step for me on my journey through the Cashflow Quadrant (a la… Cashflow Quadrant – Robert T. Kiyosaki) is over to the right hand side, to Business Owner…

I can now see very clearly that, although I’ve been self-employed for almost ten years I have only been working IN the business and not ON the business… So what next…

1. Escape the Rat Race and move my limited company (Workplace Consultant LTD) online.

2. Design and build Workplace Tech that automate systems and processes and promote employee wellness.

3. Leverage online business systems that are inexpensive to set up and generate a passive income with limited effort (a la… The 4 hour work week – Tim Ferriss).

4. Move to the South coast of Spain, radically improving the quality of life and Work Life Balance.

I’ve had enough… Of the four-hour commute, 

Of working hard to pay the mortgage on a property I only ever got to see at the weekend because I’m always at work, 

Of hearing Molly (now two and a half) repeating ‘Daddy goes to work!’ over, and over,  and over… and over, 

Long, wet, grey, repressive UK winters,

Going to and coming home from work in the dark… The list is long my friends…
Enough is enough. It’s time for another adventure…

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